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pumping up with pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds

 Listen up fruits and vegetables; you are not the only type of “superfoods” in town. Often overlooked as important food items, the seeds that we tend to spit out are often packed with nutrients and dietary fiber. Pumpkin seeds in particular have such a wide range of health benefits that they are considered to be a superfood in their own right.

More soothing than a glass of milk…

We all know that turkey and milk contain the natural calming agent L-tryptophan, but did you know that on gram of pumpkin seeds contains as much of this natural antidepressant as a full glass of milk? Next time you are filling down and restless, try eating some pumpkin seeds for a safe and natural pick me up.

Zinc is it…

Pumpkin seeds are nature’s wellspring for the all important mineral zinc. Not enough zinc in your diet has been linked to osteoporosis making pumpkin seeds ideal for bone strength. Getting enough zinc is also important for the sense of smell and is thought to play an important part in your body’s natural defense against viruses and bacteria.

Men Listen up…

Pumpkin Seeds are not only rich in zinc, but magnesium and protein as well. This makes the extremely beneficial in the arena of men’s health and the production of the anabolic hormone: testosterone. Testosterone not only gives men hulk like strength, it is also responsible for weight loss, higher energy levels and higher sperm counts. Also, for you hard working men, pumpkin seed will not only help you build muscle, they have also been shown to help prevent inflammation flare ups.

Get things moving…

Not only are pumpkin seeds a good source of protein, they are also high in fiber. Fiber is key in keeping your bowel movements regular, preventing constipation and toxic buildup. Getting enough fiber is also essential for helping to reduce cholesterol and to normalize blood pressure. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in phytosterols, making the doubly important in the fight against high cholesterol.

Clearly, all of us should be eating more pumpkin seeds. Try them roasted for a tasty snack that will have you feeling better about yourself.

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