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Aurawave review

back pain

I suffer from chronic lower back pain and being sensitive to most over the counter pain medications, I am constantly on the lookout for holistic solutions to my back pain problems. I have tried everything from Yoga to chiropractors, but can never seem to find a back pain solution that fits into my busy schedule. Then I discovered the  AuraWave TENS device

Actually, it was given to me as gift from my sister. My sister’s husband spent several years playing minor league baseball and has two bad knees to show for it. She claimed that this handy little device helps to get him out and out of bed every morning and decided that it would be a perfect thing for me to try for my chronic lower back pain. 

Looking into TENS therapy, I found that there was definitely some scientific evidence behind its use. Using low level electrical impulses, these devices help to eliminate pain by actually blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. They have been used successfully for the past thirty years by pain management specialists and have become a staple in the arena of sports medicine. 

Figuring that if it could actually help my brother in law better deal with painful knee problems, I figured that the least I could do is give it a try for my lower back pain. The Aurawave actually comes with an adjustable back relief belt just for this purpose. This belt helps to hold the electro pads firmly in place on either side of the spine for ideal treatment.  The hand held device also has 10 preset modes, allowing you to adjust the level of intensity to your specific pain level. It is battery operated and so compact, you can take it with you just about everywhere you go. 

Strapping on the belt and then turning it on, I felt a tingling sensation that is a lot like when you stick your tongue on a battery. It was a little too intense at first, so I turned it down a bit so it was a bit milder. Almost immediately, I began to feel its effects as my back pain seem to melt away as if I was getting a deep tissue massage from a professional masseuse. My back pain continued to subside as I kept it on and I eventually found myself turning up the intensity for some deep tissue stimulation. Even after my half hour session was over, my back still felt great for a long time afterwards.

Aside from pain relief, the AuraWave can also invigorate the muscles, helping to better tone them and can even help relieve stress, which is something that we all can benefit from. It also has no toxic side effects, which is something no pain medication can claim.  It is very affordable, about the cost of a trip to a massage therapist, making it an ideal gift for a family member or friend (once again thanks sis). The AuraWave has definitely helped improve my life and it can also help to improve yours. You should check it out now and take advantage of their special offer.
AuraWave Pain Relief

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