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take your vitamins and have better sex


 Vitamins, vitamins, be sure to take your vitamins. Our mothers make sure to tell us this, as do our doctors. Now they have the research to prove it, with clinical studies showing that people who supplement their diet with vitamins leading healthier, more active lifestyles. Taking your vitamins can lead to better heart circulation and a boosted up immune system. It can cut your risk for cancer and liver disease and give you more energy to keep doing the things that you want to do. Better yet, it can also lead to you have better sex.

Yes, it’s true. Move over Viagra, step aside Cialis and Levitra, there is a new treatment for erectile dysfunction in town and the ingredients are listed in alphabetical order.  

Vitamin A

Getting enough Vitamin A is not only good for helping spot the hotty on the dance floor. It is also a key component for the synthesis of progesterone. Okay, now before you go and point out that progesterone is a “female hormone”, it is also present in men and plays a part in the creation of testosterone. Low levels of progesterone in men have been shown to result in a lower sex drive.

Vitamin B

Getting all of your B vitamins, especially thiamine (B1) and Niacin (B3) can help you boost both your sex drive and your ability to maintain an erection. Thiamin helps you turn nutrients into energy. Enough Thiamin in your system means more energy. More energy equals more sex drive. Niacin can help men maintain proper blood flow throughout your system. One of the main causes of ED is problems with your circulation resulting in not enough blood getting to your penis. Getting enough Niacin can help prevent this.

Vitamin C
We all know how great and wonderful Vitamin C is for your immune system, but not all of us realize how great it is for our sex lives. Vitamin C is needed by our adrenal glands in order to synthesize a lot of different sex hormones. Androgen, estrogen, and progesterone all need the C. Vitamin C also plays a part in the absorption of Iron, an element the body needs for both strength in energy.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been going around and calling itself “the sex vitamin” long before all these other vitamins decided to get involved. Not only is this Vitamin an important antioxidant and great for the skin, it is also important in the area of strength and endurance. Vitamin E is also believed to help women become more fertile and to even help get the juices flowing, so both partners should take it together.

There you have it, vitamins that you should be taking to increase your sex drive. If you are looking for something that contains all 4 of these ‘sex vitamins” along with a lot of other natural ingredients to help men with their performance try Zenerect: the number one selling all natural sexual enhancement pill. 

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