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staying well groomed

I know what you are thinking: that you are a manly man and have no business with getting all fussy about your appearance like some sort of dandy fop. While donning a powdered wig and white gloves might be pushing it to the extreme, taking a little time to do a little “manscaping” will not leave you labeled as a “metrosexual” unfit for a driving a truck or wearing a tool belt. In fact, you might find yourself surprised to learn sort of routines that many of your “manly” friends tend to do in order to stay well groomed.

The reasons to “manscape”

Staying well groomed has many benefits with one of the main benefits being that women are generally more attracted to a man who knows how to take care of himself. Sure, women do like men to be men, but a man can still be a man with a clean, close shave, well trimmed nails and hair that has been shampooed and conditioned. Aside from the opposite sex, being well groomed also can give a fellow a sense of confidence that can help in other areas of their life. Being well coifed may make a difference in an interview or meeting allowing you to get that big sale and afford that fishing boat that you been pining over.  

Pampering Yourself

Last but not least, taking the time to be well groomed, especially with a nice clean shave can be seen as a way to treat yourself.  There is nothing like a good, close wet shave using all the right products and tools to make you feel like a million bucks. Instead of rushing through the job, ripping out the stubble with a poor electrical razor and leaving your face pocked with burn and nicks, using a good razor along with a high end shaving cream applied with a shaving brush will give you a visage that you and your significant other will enjoy very much.

If you are looking for the right tools in order to stay well groomed, look no further than This company was started in order to bring back the lost art of shaving and has everything you need from scented pre shave oils to badger hair shaving brushes to help you accomplish the job. Check it out today and I guarantee you that you will not feel like any less of a man for investing in some of their high quality products.

How To Shave For Men

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