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lemon balm for the brain

lemon balm for the brainLemon Balm has been known about and used for a variety of different ailments for over 2,000 years. Its scientific name is Melissa Officinalis, Melissa being the ancient Greek name for bees. It is named thus because of its ability to attract honey bees (Melissa) as while as its wide range of healing properties (officinalis). The plant is a perennial herb which is a member of the mint family. Its leaves have a lemony scent and flavor due to the presence of citronellal and other essential oils. It originated in Southern Europe but has since spread to all four corner of the world.

Aside from attracting bees and being a suitable lemon substitute in dishes, lemon balm has also been prized for its ability to help with a large host of different ailments. In fact, it is one of those herbs that had been traditionally known as a cure-all helping to combat ailments and prolong life. Insomnia, depression, bronchitis, snake bites and baldness are just a few of the things that leon balm was thought to remedy. It is said that the Emperor Charlemagne was such a believer in the plants healing powers that he had it planted throughout his Holy Roman Empire.

Depression and Anxiety

One of the properties that this herb has been most prized for over the centuries is its ability to calm and uplift. Modern research has found that the presence of the essential oil rosmarinic acid is responsible for inhibiting the enzyme GABA transaminase bringing about a calming effect. This calming effect also helps to sharpen and uplift the mind improving overall alertness in a subject.


Lemon Balm also has a long history of helping to sharpen the mind and scientific studies have found that taking the dried leaf can improve attention. It is currently being studied for its effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.


Lemon Balm also contains polyphenols that can help stave off viral infections including the herpes simplex virus making it a popular additive to cold sore balms. Its essential oils also display strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties making it a good remedy for any gastro-intestinal disorders and fungal skin infections. These same essential oils also have strong antioxidant properties, battling the damaging effects of free radical dependent diseases.
Helping with Withdrawal Symptoms

Because of the herbs ability to calm and uplift, Lemon Balm has also been used alongside other herbs to help battle withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol. It is included in the list of ingredients for the Product Withdrawal Ease which has been formulated to help people recover from opiate withdrawal.
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