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how to shave

A close, clean and comfortable shave can go a long way. It can make you stand out during a job interview, help attract the attention of that cute girl you share your morning elevator rides with and simply give you the cool confidence to face your day. While some of us can afford to go to a salon and get the hot towel shaving treatment along with our $100 trim, the rest of us have to make do with what we have in our own bathroom. No worries though. Getting a close and comfortable shave in at home is a fairly easy routine if your follow a few basic rules. 

Prep Work

The best time to shave is after a shower when your whiskers are softened and your pores are opened. This leads to a closer and more comfortable shave free of those annoying razor burns and bumps. You can also use a hot towel like they do in the barber shop for the same effect. 

Next, apply the pre shave oil. Pre shave oil helps to protect your skin and further soften your hair making it easier to cut. It also helps keep your skin lubricated for the razor. 

Once you apply the pre shave oil, now comes time to lather up your face with a good glycerin based shaving cream such as the high quality shaving cream that is available at Just a dab will do, especially if you invest in a good shaving brush in which to apply it. A shaving brush made out of pure badger hair helps retain hot water making for a better lather and also helps to lift your whiskers better than what your fingers can do. Good badger hair brushes can also be found at

Shaving Begins

Once your face is wet, pretreated and lather, it is now time to shave. Using a high quality razor such as a Gillette Mach Series, begin to shave with the grain of hair growth. Do not apply to much pressure and let the blades to the work. Use your fingers to figure out which way your hair is growing in the neck area. For those stubborn whiskers, reapply some shaving cream and shave the area again in a sideways motion. Use small strokes to help prevent irritation. 

Now Protect

Once you are rinsed off, use some alum block on your skin. Alum Block is a Mineral Bar that closes your pores and cleanses your skin.  Now pt the skin dry and use your favorite after shave cream or smoother to complete the job.

How To Shave For Men

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