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probiotics and energy

You have probably heard about using probiotics for a healthier digestive system. In fact, you have probably bought a cup of probiotic filled yogurt or two with that intention in mind. However, did you know that taking a probiotic supplement is not only great for your guts; it can also help give you an energy boost throughout the day.

A word about Probiotics

Probiotics are actually bacteria. Not the bad type of bacteria that wants to multiply in your body and cause you to start leaking bodily fluids. These bacteria have a “pro” in front of them because they are a good type of bacteria that help maintain a healthy equilibrium in your digestive tract. They do this by essentially taking up space, leaving no room for the bad bacteria to colonize. Probiotics allow your body to operate more efficiently from removal of wastes to better absorption of nutrients.

It is all about regularity

Just as Jamie Lee Curtis claims, probiotics can help relieve bloating and constipation by promoting regularity.  People with chronic digestive problems constantly feel fatigued because their liver and kidneys are working overtime to try to remove the built up toxins in the body.  By Probiotics helping you to remove wastes, your body is spending less of its fuel supply on detoxification giving you a little bit more pep in your step throughout the day.

Absorption Observation

People who suffer from an intestinal flora imbalance also have trouble absorbing the nutrients that they need in or to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Supplementing with probiotics can help with the absorption of B Vitamins which are essential for energy production (especially Vitamin B-12). It will also allow for the absorption of iron which will allow your blood to carry more oxygen to your cells giving you more energy.  Proteins and fats will also metabolized better, allowing your body to burn it as energy instead of storing it.

Taking Probiotics can help give you an energy boost, especially if you supplement on a daily basis. Probiotics are not just available in yogurt and sauerkraut either. You can also find them in pill and powder form online or at your local healthy living store. One good product specifically for energy is SIX Nutrition Energy. This product combines a potent energy blend along with a 18 strain blend of probiotics for lasting energy throughout the day.

Energy with Probiotics

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