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guarana: the jazz without the jitters

Guarana is a plant that is Native to the Amazonian Rain Forest. Its name means “fruit like the eyes of the people” which is derived from the way the coffee sized fruit looks kind of like an eyeball when it is spilt open. The fruit of the Guarana plant has been used for centuries as a ritual drink by the Gaurani Tribe in the Amazon River Basin. Its active component is guaranine which is chemically identical to caffeine which is, by far, the planet’s favorite stimulant.

More Potent than Coffee

The amount of Guaranine in the fruit of the Guarana plant gives it about twice the potency as coffee.  It is because of this, that this plant has recently found widespread popularity outside of South America as an additive to many different energy drinks and supplements.

While research has indicated that Guaranine is essentially caffeine. Because the fruit is not roasted like coffee beans, it remains intricately linked to various natural sugars, acids and other natural compounds found in the plant.  Unlike coffee which gives you a spike of energy, guarana releases its caffeine slowly, giving you a sustained supply of it throughout the day. This leads to all day long energy, mental alertness as well as a faster metabolism. Since it remains steady throughout the day instead of spiking, Guarana can Jazz you up without giving you those telltale Jitters of having way too much coffee.

The Problem with Energy Drinks

While the plant has become increasingly popular in energy drinks, the problem with many Guarana containing energy drinks, it is not the guaranine giving the boost, but rather, the ample amounts of sugar that is getting everyone jazzed up. This excess sugar will not only cause energy spikes and crashes and also lead to cavities and too many empty calories that can lead to obesity and the health consequences of being overweight. A better way to enjoy Guarana is to take as a tea without sugar or use it in supplement form.

One such product that utilizes the slow release energy of the Guarana plant is Energy by Six Nutrition. This supplement includes Guarana in its potent energy blend that also includes Kelp, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Ginger Root and a probiotic blend. Taken daily or when needed, this Energy Supplement can give you sustained energy and mental alertness throughout the day.  

Energy with Probiotics

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