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grape seed extract for an energy boost

When people talk about Grape Seed Extract, most often they are talking about Resveratrol and the reason why the French are so health despite all the smoking and drinking that they imbibe in. However, aside from being the secret behind the “French Paradox”, Grape Seed Extract has also been found to increase energy levels and spur metabolism in clinical trials. It is because of this that it can now be found in many natural energy blends including the latest  Energy Supplement by Six Nutrition.

While grape seed extract is great for fighting of free radicals, lowering bad cholesterol and keeping arteries unblocked, another benefit of this supplement is that is also helps improve the metabolism of pyruvate. Pyruvate is an essential component for the breakdown of sugars. When your body cannot properly metabolize pyruvate, muscles need to switch from aerobic energy production to anaerobic energy production. This leads to fatigue and the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.  

In an active person, this lack of sugar breakdown means less than optimal performance. For less active people, it means simply no energy to exercise or the muscle flare ups and inflammation that is commonly known as fibromyalgia. By taking grape seed extract, a person can find more energy to remain active and will find that they are able to burn off more calories efficiently as opposed to storing it up as fat in the liver and midsection. This is made possible through ATP Production and BAT (heat) activation that clinical tests have found grape seed extract capable of.

Why not just drink wine?

While you can get ample amounts of resveratrol and other beneficial compounds found in grapes by drinking wine, most medical experts will agree that too much of the “vin” can end up being very bad for you and your liver. That is why it is better to take it as a heart healthy, energy giving supplement that you can take and still drive on.

One such supplement that is made specifically for energy is available from SIX Nutrition. Their potent Energy blend includes Grape Seed Extract in its proprietary formula to help keep start the metabolism and encourage more efficient energy production.  Combined with kelp, green tea extract, ginseng root, Guarana and 18 strains of super beneficial probiotics, this natural energy blend is designed to give you all day long energy that allows you to better metabolize nutrients and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Energy with Probiotics

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