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why vitamin D is good for men

Vitamin D Deficiency is related to a large number of health problems including chronic pain, brittle bones, depression, lowered sperm count and even hair loss, yes hair loss.  Vitamin D is a fat soluble essential vitamin that is vital for the maintaining of neuromuscular function and the absorption of calcium. Getting enough of it helps prevents osteoporosis, regulate cell growth (thus helping to prevent cancer), and to maintain respiratory health.

Men who get enough Vitamin D are shown to be healthier individuals overall with lower body weights, increased strength, better balance and faster reflexes. They also tend to have fuller heads of hair and increased virility. People who get enough Vitamin D are also found to be less likely to suffer from depression and Vitamin D is thought to help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Where to get the D

Since Vitamin D is so awesome, you might be wondering where to get it. Well, the main source of Vitamin D happens to be that great yellow ball in the sky. The easiest way for our bodies to absorb Vitamin D is by soaking up sunlight and synthesizing it from the ultraviolet rays. However, since there are not near enough outdoor jobs to go around and too much exposure to direct sunlight increases the risk of skin cancer, most of us fail to get enough of the D the old fashioned way.

Since we have trouble getting enough sunshine, most of us generally rely on the foods that we eat to make up for the balance. Cod Liver Oil, fatty fish, beef liver and eggs are all natural sources of Vitamin D, with cod liver oil being the most potent (along with the worst tasting). Knowing how hard it is to get us to swallow a spoonful og cod liver oil, manufacturers have also fortified other foods with Vitamin D including milk, orange juice, yogurt, margarine, and breakfast cereals. Most of these foods are capable of giving people at least the bare minimum of Vitamin D that they need in order to stay somewhat healthy.

Since Vitamin D is so crucial, and getting enough of it is linked to better overall health, a lot of people now choose to get their Vitamin D in supplement form.

Taking a good multivitamin with adequate amounts of Vitamin D is recommended for most people in order to ensure optimal health. While taking a Vitamin D supplement is a good way to get enough of this essential vitamin, you should also be aware that taking more than the recommended maximum dose of 4000 IU can have negative consequences such as a  loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, kidney stones, and calcium build up. Be sure to check with your doctor and get a simple blood test to see how deficient in D that you happen to be. Six Nutrition supplements for men is a good example of a good source of Vitamin D.

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