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why all men need a badger hair shaving brush

“Badgers? Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!”

Hold on a minute there buddy boy. It looks like that you do need those badgers for something. If you want a clean close comfortable shave that all the girls will love, those stinking badger with their moisture retaining hair is the exact thing that you need.

If you are a man who has recently discovered the importance of good grooming, you may have heard about the importance of owning a good shaving brush made out of authentic badger hair. Back in the days, during the golden age of shaving, a badger hair brush was a must have along with a decent razor (not the kind they give you in jail) and some good quality shaving cream. Cheap massed produced razors along with the sense of urgency that we now all seem to have first thing in the morning have left us with faces that have nicks and stubborn stubble that our discount blades missed.  If you want a close clean shave like the likes of Carey Grant and Lee Marvin, you need to invest some time in your shaving routine and also you need to invest in a high quality shaving brush made out of badger hair.

Shaving brushes work much better than your fingers for apply a rich lather to your face. They help lift your whiskers for a better cut and help to keep the skin moist for less irritation. On top of that, they keep you from getting shaving foam all over the place. While you can get yourself a cheaper shaving brush made out of nylon or boar bristles, Badger Hair Brushes are what separates a decent shave from a great one. 

Why Badger Hair

Badger Hair readily absorbs hot water which then mixes with the shaving cream as you brush it across your face. This delivers a lather that is richer and thicker than anything that your grubby fingers or nylon bristles can up with. This badger hair produced lather also helps to lift your whiskers resulting in a closer shave with far less irritation. These brushes are a bit more expensive than other brushes, but will probably last you a lifetime if you take proper care of them. is a good place to find affordable shaving brushes made from pure badger hair. There brushes can help keep hot water close to your skin which is the secret behind a close shave.

How To Shave For Men

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