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using an alum block

You might think that all you need for a good shave is a disposable razor and a can of gloopy shaving cream. While these might do in a pinch, in order to enjoy a clean, close and comfortable shave, you are going to need more than what the night clerk at the local Holiday Inn can provide for you.  You are going to need a decent razor, a shaving brush, a hot towel as well as an alum block.

What is Alum

Alum is a chemical compound that has been used since the time of the Egyptians. The most coon form of alum is potassium alum which is a crystalline compound that is made up of potassium and aluminum sulfate. Alums are water soluble and have strong astringent properties making them useful for the treatment of small cuts and nicks. It is because of this property that they have been used to treat cuts on both plants and animals. They have also been used throughout the years to help purify water, to make bread whiter, and even to make hair stay up. Because of its antibacterial properties, alum is also used as a form of natural deodorant in many third world countries and can help rid someone of pimples overnight.

Why you need it for shaving

Aside from being handy in the kitchen, the tool box or on the playground, a good Alum Block is must have for any shaving kit. By rubbing an alum block over the skin after a shave, you aid in closing up your pores and cleansing your skin keeping acne at bay. It will also help treat any cuts and nicks that you might have given yourself, stopping the bleeding and promoting the healing process.

Where to find Alum

Alum is available in virtually every store in India, where it prized not only for its cosmetic uses but for its medicinal and culinary uses as well. Elsewhere, you may have to do a bit of looking in order to get your hands on it. It can be found in most health and beauty stores and is the main ingredient in many styptic products. One the best places to get your hands on a good alum block is This site is dedicated to the art of shaving and sells a high quality alum block for a very affordable price. 

How To Shave For Men

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