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Evora Plus - Oral Probiotic

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Evora Plus Review 

healthy man teethSoft teeth run in family. I am pretty sure that I have helped put at least one of my dentist’s kids through college thanks to all of the work that I am getting done. On top of that, I am a big time coffee drinker, so not only do I have a mouth full of pain, but I also tend to have coffee breath and stained teeth.  I have tried mouthwash to combat by bad breath and tooth decay, but that generally leaves me with dry mouth and does not seem to do anything to help combat the steady decline of my teeth. I do brush and floss daily, but that only seems to keep me at a status quo. That is why when I heard of a new type of probiotic breath mint called EvoraPlus that not only freshens your breath but also whitens the and keeps them healthy, I decided that I should at least give it a try.

EvoraPlus is a bit more expensive than your average pack of Tic Tacs ($20 for a month supply), but you only need to take two a day for optimal results and it also replaces whatever mouthwash and teeth whitening products you might use so the price is pretty fair. The mint itself is rather mild, like a sugar free mint and I did not feel immediate fresh breath results like I would if I were to take a Certs. I found out this is because it takes time for the good bacteria to build up in my mouth and to start working their magic.

Evoraplus contains freeze dried probiotics that are activated when they come into contact with your saliva. These good bacteria then start to build colonies on your teeth and below your gum line where they work to keep other bad bacteria in check. These good bacteria help keep the bad bacteria from forming their own colonies by taking up the space and cutting off their food supply. This gives the bad bacteria less of chance of turning simple sugars into lactic acid which then eats away at your enamel. These good bacteria also release hydrogen peroxide as a natural byproduct, helping to whiten your teeth.

After a few days of taking two mints a day (one in the morning and one after lunch since I never get around to brushing) I did start to notice that my breath felt fresher, even after downing my customary latte. Not only did my mouth feel cleaner, but after a few weeks I did noticed that my teeth looked a little less coffee stained.  However, the main proof of the power of these little mints was revealed to me was when I walked out of the dentist with a clean bill of dental health. I could not believe it. No drilling, no filling, not even a deep cleaning was required. Since I brushed and flossed as I always do, the difference had to be those little mints.

I am now a believer in EvoraPlus and plan to stock up on them as soon as possible. Two a day can end up saving you thousands in mouth wash, teeth whiteners, and dental visits. Check them out for yourself and become a believer in oral probiotics.


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