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Evora Plus - Oral Probiotic

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hooray for probiotics 

healthy man teethUnless if have been living in a hole (one that does not have cable anyways) for the last decade, chances are that you have heard of the term “probiotics”. Most often, this term is associated with yogurt and its seemingly amazing ability to make you regular and help improve your overall immune system. You might have also noticed probiotic pills and powders in your favorite health food store with packaging promising better digestive health and more energy.

With all of this hype, you might be shocked to find out that probiotics are actually bacteria. That’s right, they happen to be close cousins to those things that you like to kill with Lysol. However, before you go call the FDA, these bacteria are actually good for you (hence the “pro” in front of them). Our bodies are actually loaded with these tiny microorganisms, billions if not trillions of them. In fact, some scientists think that our bodies have more bacteria than actual cells.

Most of these bacteria are inert most of the time until some harmful bacteria come around and start causing trouble. Then, these bacteria kick into action and rise up in your body’s defense, doing what they can to kick these bad bacteria off of their turf. When our bodies are lacking enough of these good bacteria, then the bad bacteria can build up unchecked causing a host of problems including illness and infection. By taking supplements loaded with billions of these good bacteria, you are ensuring that your body has enough of them to keep everything in proper balance.

Probiotics for Your Mouth

Probiotics are not only beneficial to balancing the flora and fauna of your digestive system; they can also be helpful with oral health. Bad bacteria in your mouth can cause a host of problems including bad breath and periodontal disease. There are now probiotics available in mint form to help counteract these bad bacteria and keep your breath smelling good and combat dental disease. EvoraPlus is one such product and using it not only helps you maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your mouth keeping gum and tooth problems at bay. It comes in mint form and the freeze dried probiotics are activated when they make contact with your saliva.  Also, since the byproduct of EvoraPlus is a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, using it can also help you whiten your teeth over time.


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