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back pain tips

Back PainThere are a lot of us out there that suffer from back pain, more specifically, from lower back pain. There are a lot of different things that can cause back pain from pulled muscles to stress. There are also a lot of different back pain solutions out there. How each of them work really depends upon the source of your pain as well as your own body’s response to the treatment. Let us look at some of the more popular back pain cures that are out there and there various pros and cons.

Losing your belly 

That spare tire that any of us carry with us is one of the biggest culprits of back pain. Losing it can take off a lot of pressure on your back muscles and exercising your core abdominal muscles can also help eliminate back strain. 

Simple Lifestyle Changes

Making some simple changes can also greatly help with your back pain. For example, you might want to try a different kind of mattress or start your morning off with a series of stretches. Getting rid of that fat wallet that you are sitting on all day can also help bring about relief.

Massage Therapy

A licensed massage therapist can help massage away the tension in your muscles, stimulating blood flow and removing pain blocks. They can also help you combat the stress that may be responsible for that lingering back pain.


A chiropractor may be able to make adjustments to your spine that will help eliminate back pain. While a lot of people swear by chiropractors, the main drop back is, is that you will have to continue to see them in order to keep pain free.
Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Most of us who have seen a doctor about it have most likely been prescribed some sort of anti-inflammatory medication. There are also several popular over the counter pills that you can take that can help, the most popular being ibuprofen. While these do help eliminate the pain, taking too many of these anti-inflammatory meds can cause serious liver damage.


Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation has been used since the 1970’s to help people deal with pain. By applying electrical currents to your back, you can block pain signals from reaching your brain. Once, something found only in a doctor’s or athletic trainer’s office, portable TENS units have now been approved for sale to the general public. One of the most popular units is the Aurawave Device which has gotten great reviews.

AuraWave Pain Relief

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