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tens pain relief

AuraWave DeviceDoctors have been using TENS units since the 1970s in order to help patients better manage chronic pain. TENS is an acronym that stands for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation, and the general principal behind the device has been around for two millennia. The ancient Greeks would use electric eels to help deal with pain and the therapeutic use of electricity for pain relief was touted by founding father and electricity pioneer Ben Franklin.  The modern TENS device was developed thirty years ago and uses electrodes attached to the skin to pass low frequency currents through the body to help block your body’s pain signals from reaching the brain. Instead of pain, your brain only receives the tingling sensations of the electric currents

Since the 1970’s the TENS device has been used with great success in pain clinics and has even been adopted for use by fitness coaches and sports trainers to help alleviate pain and muscle soreness in athletes. These units were first used under supervision of the doctor and were later prescribed for use at home, limiting the popularity of the therapy outside of pain treatment centers and sports medicine. Now, affordable TENS units are now being made available to the public without the need of a prescription, helping to unleash a whole new trend in pain relief.

The first FDA approved non-prescription TENS unit to hit the market is the Aurawave.  Using low frequency pulses, the Aurawave fights pain in three different ways. First it interferes with the pain signals traveling to the brain. Secondly, it stimulates the production of endorphins which are our body’s natural response to pain. Lastly, it helps to relax tense muscle fibers by expanding and contracting them to help increase overall blood flow.  Besides relieving pain, this device is also great for helping to tone muscles and can also be used for stress relief and relaxation.

The Aurawave device is very affordable (about the cost of one session with a massage therapist) and has gotten many positive reviews making it one of the hottest items on the internet today. While this easy to use device is deemed as a safe alternative to pain medications, it is not safe for people with implanted electronic devices such as pacemakers or meant for people who experience epileptic seizures. It is also not recommended for children or women who are pregnant.

AuraWave Pain Relief

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