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chronic pain and opiate use

substance abuseAll of us experience some type pain at some point in our lives. While most of our pain goes away when we recover, sometimes this pain sticks around and plagues us. This becomes known as chronic pain and for people who suffer from it, living a life without pain killers can be next to impossible.

Here are some causes for chronic pain:

•    Acute trauma from an accident like a car crash.
•    Work related back pain.
•    An injured spinal cord.
•    Nerve related pain due to fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and other nerve related problems.
•    Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
•    Joint Pain caused by high impact sports or work
•    Cancer related Pain

These are just some examples of the types of chronic pain that can plague you and the reason why people wind up taking strong opiates for extended periods of time. While you cannot blame a person for not wanting to live a life in pain, dealing with the high levels of tolerance towards pain medication can become a huge challenge.

Most of the pain killers that are prescribed for these types of pain are synthetic opiates like Fentanyl, Methadone or Dilauded. While these analgesics can become very habit forming, the reality is that no other pain killers really come close in terms of effective pain management. While researchers have always claimed to be on the verge of some new pain medication breakthrough, they are still years away from developing it.

Tolerance to these opiates means that those who suffer from chronic pain need to take more of them in order to get the same pain relieving effects. It is a common occurrence among patients taking high doses of opiates for an extended period of time. Taking more of these pain killers means that you are exposed to more of the side effects including nausea, itching, vomiting, drowsiness, mental fogginess and constipation.

Natural Alternatives

When used correctly, opiates are considered to be relatively safe for pain management, but as tolerance increases so does the tendency towards dependence. While those who suffer from chronic pain deserve the pain free life that opiates can give them, there are other natural alternative out there that can lead to a pain free life.  For example, concentrated cherry juice, apple cider vinegar, peppermint, and cayenne pepper have all shown great promise for chronic pain. One product worth noting is Withdrawal Ease which contains several of these natural alternatives along with other ingredients aimed at helping the body get through the detoxification process.
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