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dealing with withdrawal

help with opiate withdrawalOpiates are popular for their ability to ease pain and are used for many medical conditions. They are also widely used for recreational purposes, especially in the form of heroin, although prescription painkillers are also widely abused. There are various types of opiates out there, both naturally and synthetically derived, the most common being heroin, oxycontin, methadone, Percocet and Vicodin. If you end up using or abusing opiates for a long period of time, you will become physically addicted to them. When this happens, you will then experience withdrawal symptoms once you try to get off of them.

The Symptoms of Withdrawal

Whether you are trying to ease yourself off of prescribed medication or dealing with a habit, the withdrawal symptoms are pretty much the same. The first one that you might notice is the excessive sweating that occurs as your body reacts to the abrupt absence of the opiates in your system. Agitation and anxiety follow along with muscle aches and pains, abdominal cramping and eventually diarrhea. All of these can last for over a week as your body tries to recover from withdrawal.

Prescribed Help

If you go to a doctor for help with opiate withdrawal, chances are they are going to prescribe you something to help you taper off of the drugs. The most coon thing prescribed for opiate withdrawal is buprenorphine. Ironically, buprenorphines actually produce the same effects as the opiates that you are trying to get off of and can also end up being abused.

 Another, somewhat more radical treatment that has become popular is rapid opiate detoxification. In this case, the patient is actually anesthetized and then given opiate blockers. By being put under, the person forgoes all the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms as the opiates are dispelled from the body. There are, of course, complications with being anesthetized and this form of rapid detox may not have a lasting effect of a opiate abuser.

Holistic Methods

There are also some natural remedies out there that people can use to help them overcome opiate addiction. Ginger, Passionflower, and Valerian root are some of the most common natural ingredients that can help someone get over withdrawal symptoms. Certain products, such as Withdrawal Ease, actually combine these three powerful holistic ingredients along with others to help a person get over their withdrawal symptoms and back on a the path to a more stable life.  
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