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quitting pain killers

drug abuseWhen you use pain killers correctly, opiates can be a wonderful thing. They can help ease the pain from a traumatic injury or sickness allowing for recovery and healing. They can else help dull the suffering of a terminal illness and keep the agony from surgery at bay. However, for all the good they are capable of, there is a dark side to opiates, especially one some starts to abuse them as their body’s start to become tolerant to the effects and then become physically dependant on the results. Opiate withdrawal is one of the most difficult things a person can face. While the symptoms will not kill you, you will want to die and as your body and mind hungers for one more fix.  It will take all of your willpower to deny you body this thing that it craves and more often than not, you will find yourself once again reaching for that bottle of prescription medication or doing whatever it takes to get your hands on some.

Quitting Pain Killers is no easy task, but the reasons to so plentiful. These drugs are two edged sword, alleviating pain while at the same time wreaking havoc on both your body and mind.  Here are some of the biggest reasons to stop taking pain killers.


As you continue to take pain killers, your body starts to become tolerant to the effects which you spur you to take more of them to achieve the same results. The results that you do get will not last as long and the lows that you will suffer when coming down will last longer and become even more unbearable leading to sever depression.

Liver Damage

The price that your body pays for opiates to work their magic is damaged liver that be beyond repair if you continue the abuse. The pain killers are considered toxins to the body and your liver needs to work overtime in order to filter your blood causing damage and leading to other health problems.

Brain Damage

Opiates can cloud your mind and make your memory fuzzy. You can find yourself unable to recall movies that you have seen and even conversations that you have had while on them.

Behavioral problems

While on pain killers, you might find yourself doing rash and stupid things that same like a good idea at the time.  Withdrawal can end up giving you sever mood things making it hard for your friends and family to be around you.
These are just some of the reasons why you should think about quitting. There are many others. While quitting “cold turkey” may work for a chosen few, most of us need to withdraw a little more slowly and seek help in order to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. There are many programs that can help you get over the physical and mental symptoms.  There is also Withdrawal Ease: the herbal remedy designed to help you get through these tough times. While this herbal remedy is not a complete cure for opiate withdrawal, and can ease many of the symptoms and help put you back on the path to better health.
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