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b-vitamins and CoQ10

CoQ10If you have ever resorted to an energy drink to pick yourself up in the middle of the day, you might have noticed that along with a high dose of caffeine and sugar, most of these drinks come with a full complement of B-Vitamins. This is especially true for those drinks that promise to deliver energy to you all day long.

The reason why B-Vitamins, especially B-12, are so popular in energy drinks is that this select group of 8 vitamins is essential when it comes to turning food into useable energy for our bodies. The B-Vitamins go to work on the proteins, carbs (including that sugar in your energy drink) and fats that you consume and transform it into energy for your body.  In a way, they help your body burn up its energy supplies more efficiently resulting in energy that ends up lasting all day long.

Even though it is not found in energy drinks (yet), another nutrient that helps improve your bodies overall energy output is the Coenzyme Q10. You have probably caught wind of this powerful antioxidant on the numerous health shows and articles that it has been mentioned in. CoQ10 does most of its work in the mitochondria of your cells. The mitochondria are known as the cell’s powerhouses and CoQ10 is essential for the efficient production of energy on a cellular level, helping to power our muscles and other functions. While our bodies do make CoQ10 on their own, age and sickness can impair our ability to make enough of it. This is why many health experts are now encouraging supplementing with CoQ10 in order to support a healthy and active lifestyle for longer.

While you will be hard pressed to find an energy drink that is loaded with both B Vitamins and this vital Coenzyme, there are options out there. One such option is the SIX nutritional supplements for men. SIX includes both B-Vitamins and CoQ10 in its unique formula along with many other vital nutrients that can help keep you feeling energized and alert throughout the day. It even contains a little dose of caffeine to help stimulate you further and help kick start your day. If you are looking for a way to have more energy throughout the day and do now want your heart racing from excess sugar, you should give these supplements a try.

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