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It seems like everywhere that you go nowadays people are pushing some sort of energy tincture on you. Need a boost and do not have time to brew up some coffee? Take one of these handy little bottles loaded with B-Vitamins and caffeine? At the bar and need something to make to last call? Get yourself an “energy drink” loaded with sugar, taurine and enough caffeine to give an elephant a panic attack. While some of these energy boosts are safe , those that come loaded with sugar or any of the other names that sugar likes to hide behind (sucrose, fructose …) will only give you a quick boost followed quickly by a even quicker crash along with severe digestive problems and tooth decay.

If you are looking for all day energy (without the crash) and have no desire to drink some foul tasting tincture in a little bottle, you might want to give ENERGY by SIX nutrition a try. Unlike like most energy boosters on the market, SIX’s ENERGY is in a pill form that you can take in the morning or right before a workout. These energy pills combine a potent combo of natural ingredients meant not only to give you a boost, but to also work to improve your metabolic and digestive functions allowing you to better use the nutrients that you put into your body.

How does it work

ENERGY packs a one, two punch by including both a propriety energy mix along with its 18 strain blend of powerful probiotics. Its key ingredients for energy include Gurana Seed, Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts along with Organic Kelp and Ginger Root Powder. These key ingredients not only provide enough naturally occurring caffeine as one of those fattening Frappuccino’s but also essential Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients that will help keep your energized and alert all day (or night) long. The included probiotic blend helps to improve your overall digestive system which in turns helps you to metabolize food more efficiently. This powerful combo allows for a steady all natural high that lasts throughout the day.

If you are feeling run down or are looking for something to help give your active lifestyle a further boost, you should give SIX’s ENERGY supplements a try. One pill is the fraction of the cost of a energy drink and will give you more steady energy throughout the day than you will know what to do with.

Energy with Probiotics

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