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fueling your olympic spirit

running manLike the rest of the world, you have probably been watching the Olympics and most likely find yourself a little bit more inspired to achieve your very own fitness goals. Olympic Athletes are amazing and the dedication and commitment that they have to be the best athletes in the world makes our own struggle to get up a half hour early to get some stretching in a little bit trivial.

It is all about the fuel

When it comes to becoming a world class athlete, it is all about having the endurance in order to push your body to that next plateau, to have that extra push for those final 100 meters. All this comes with proper fueling of the body. Fueling the body they right way so that it has extra stores of energy when it needs them the most is just as important for success as all the training that is done prior to the event. If an athlete’s body does not have the proper energy stores on the day of the big race, match, or event, the chances of them coming out on top becomes greatly diminished.

The foods that we eat is digested and broken down into various nutrients that our bodies then use for energy. These energy supplies are in the form of glycogen stored in our muscles and liver and fatty deposits that are stored throughout the body. As our body is exerted and the demand for energy becomes greater, our bodies respond by pulling the blood supply from other parts of the body such as our digestive system in order to oxygenate the muscles and to extract more energy.  As this happens, our bodies become less capable of turning new calorie intake into efficient energy which then results in a depleted energy store and less performance capabilities.

In order to stay fueled and have the endurance needed to keep up with the competition, athletes need to properly fuel their bodies before each event. This not only means a balanced diet of protein and carbohydrates but supplementing with fundamental metabolic ingredients as well. By making sure that their bodies have enough of the core amino acids, vitamins, and other micro nutrients prior to competing, athletes insure that that are getting the maximum results from both their bodies and their fuels source.

One supplement that can help athletes (Olympic or otherwise) achieve their best is Six Nutrition for Men. These carefully selected supplemental program contains all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that men need (L-Arginine and Glutamine for example) in order to stay on the top of their game.

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