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vitamins for menSIX Nutrition, the hottest male supplement on the market, is getting some rave reviews for the active men who are currently taking it. SIX is meant for men in all walks of life, but it is especially useful to men who wish to remain active throughout the day. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, Six can help with endurance, focus, performance, and recovery.

Here are some of the things that athletes are saying about SIX:

Jameson King, a Pro Triathlete saw specific improvements in his training sessions after taking SIX. He experienced increased energy and performance during workouts. He also noticed increased attentiveness and an improved recovery time after a grueling workout. In fact, he claims that he no longer needs his compression clothes to help combat muscle fatigue after back to back days of hard workouts.

Keith Gilliam, a Bull Rider, calls SIX a “Quiet Storm” because it gives him the strength and energy to make him feel like a beast without making him feel to hyped up or jittery. He also likes the fact you take all six pills in one dose that lasts all day and you are not left with an horrible aftertaste like soe of the other supplements tend to give you.

Nate Farnsworth, a cyclist and fitness coach, loves the fact that he no longer has to mix and match different pills from different companies in order to get all the nutrients that he feels that his body needs. He claims that he immediately felt the difference from this well rounded vitamin. He claims to have more energy and to even sleep better only after a week of taking it.

Kerry Brown, a self proclaimed Gym Rat, refuses to go to the gym without SIX after  experiencing the increased stamina and energy it gave him during working out. He claims that SIX has helped reduce his cravings for caffeine and sugar and has even helped with the joint stiffness that he experiences do to a past knee injury.

Scott Miller, a 41 year old weekend warrior, also realized a 90% decrease in joint pain after supplementing with SIX allowing him to run without soreness. He also noticed greater muscle gain from lifting (something that is hard for someone over 30 to achieve) and increases amounts of energy that lasted well into the night for him (which undoubtedly helped with his love life).

SIX Nutrition, VItamins for Men.

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